A Lesbian Housewife’s Investigation – Part 15

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Kalyani was waiting for the bus for so long since it was already 10 pm. Then finally a bus arrived at the stop with few occupied seats. Kalyani thanked God for the bus and got into it. Kalyani could see the bus contained less than 10 people.

There were an old couple and three women who seemed like office colleagues. There was a young girl with her young mother and the driver and the conductor (both male). She settled down on the last and left corner seat in the back since she wanted to enjoy some privacy.

The seat was just after the back entrance of the bus. The bus started moving, and the cold breeze of air passed between her legs through the skirt she was wearing. It gave her goosebumps and made her a little horny. She enjoyed every second of the moment. She even moved her legs apart to give way for more air.

She bit her lips and held the metal bar in front of her and was feeling the pleasure of the cold wind. The cold wind came from the back door opening of the bus.

The conductor came towards her to issue the ticket. Looking at him, Kalyani closed her legs and became self-aware of her exposure. The conductor came near her and asked the name of her stop with a respectful tone. Kalyani could understand that the guard uniform she was wearing is the reason for his respect.

She told her the stop name and received her ticket. Then the conductor smiled at her and went away back to the front side and sat near the driver. Since it was a half-hour journey, Kalyani planned to enjoy every minute.

Since everyone’s head was facing front, her naughty mind decided to lift the skirt slightly above the knee. She slowly adjusted her skirt above her pretty knees. Now more air flew between her legs. Her pantyless bottom felt every bit of the pleasure.

She even closed her eyes and bit her lips to enjoy it. She felt the peeing sensation and pleasure. After some minutes, the bus stopped at a station, and the old couple got down. Since no one got out or in from the back entrance, she stayed still without adjusting the skirt.

Then the bus moved and reached another station. Now the young girl and her mother are about to get down. The mother got down through the front entrance, but the little girl ran to the back to get down from the back. The girl eventually saw the hot and white thighs of Kalyani and took a gasp.

She laughed at her just before she got out. Kalyani smiled back at her, and she didn’t care much about her words.

But the three women inside the bus were staring at her when Kalyani turned her head back. Kalyani felt awkward, and without rushing, she slowly lowered her skirt. The three women giggled and turned around to carry on with their chatting. All the three were wearing sarees, and they were uniform.

After a certain distance, the bus stopped somewhere in the middle, but there was no stop there. This was a strange turn of events in the bus journey. Kalyani wondered what the problem was. The conductor went outside and was looking around the tyres. It was a flat tyre problem. The front tyre was out flat.

So the conductor told the rest of the passengers (Kalyani and the three women) to get out of the bus and wait until the next bus arrives. Kalyani felt awful. She got out of the bus and stood some distance apart from the bus. So did the three women. The driver and the conductor were calling and informing the office.

Kalyani’s stop was just about 700m from the place of breakdown. But the problem was the place around her was so dark. Except for the road, there were only thorns and bushes around her. She could even hear the night insects buzzing so loud.

She looked at the three women and went near them, and asked them what they have planned. They said that their stop was a little far and they would wait for the next bus. She then asked the conductor when the next bus will come. He replied that it’ll at least take 40minutes.

Kalyani said to herself, “Screw this,” and started walking along the road. She switched on her mobile light as the street lights were a little far from one another. The walk was so thrilling, and she felt goosebumps occasionally. After 150 meters of walking, there was a turn in the curve on the road.

She turned back and saw the bus standing far away. She felt the fear just then. After the curve, she’ll disappear from the sight of the three women and the others. She took the bold decision and continued the path. She was speed walking.

She could feel the mosquitos buzzing over her open legs since the skirt was just below her knee. After about 500m, there was a small bridge over the small canal. There were three beggars with torn clothes sleeping on the platform of the bridge. She could not see them clearly, so she kept walking.

Without looking at them, she walked. She thought they might try to rob her. The footsteps woke one of the beggars. And it was a woman with a monkey cap over her head and a bunch of torn clothes over her. She was scratching her head and looked at Kalyani walking past her.

Kalyani walked a little faster as the woman was awake. The woman seeing Kalyani, tapped the other two and woke them. Kalyani was feared by this action, and her heart pumped faster. She didn’t turn back, and her eyes were fixed towards the front.

Within the next few seconds, the beggar woman ran and blocked Kalyani’s path and asked her for alms. Kalyani couldn’t go past her as the other two blocked her sides. The other beggars were also women. All their teeth were filthy and yellowish. Their hair was so dry and dirty.

Kalyani’s heart was pounding with fear, and she couldn’t resist them. She opened her purse and took a 20rupee note, and handed it to the woman in the front. The woman threw it back at Kalyani’s face and told her that they were rotting in the cold, so she asked her for something warm.

Kalyani couldn’t understand her intention. The woman showed a devilish grin and asked Kalyani to give her dress. Kalyani was shell shocked to hear her words. At first, she thought the beggar woman was bluffing. But then the beggar’s tone grew higher, and now she threatened her to strip her clothes.

Kalyani couldn’t digest the shock. She refused to do it. Then the woman on her right side drew a knife out and threatened her to remove her clothes. Kalyani had no choice but to remove her clothes. Kalyani started begging not to force her, but the woman is so adamant about her decision.

Kalyani slowly removed her uniform buttons. Then unbuttoned them completely. One of the beggar women pulled the shirt from her shoulder and removed it quickly. Now she stood with just her bra and skirt. Then the woman ordered her to remove the skirt also.

And the beggar woman was smiling when she said it. Kalyani, without her will, unbuttoned her skirt and dropped it. The beggar woman saw that Kalyani didn’t wear the panties. She laughed out loud, and one of them slapped her ass. She said, “Naughty woman!”

It gave her shock waves and the woman’s hand was so rough. Then she also removed her shoes. Now she was left with the only bra. The beggar woman then tore one of her already torn filthy clothes and gave it to Kalyani. She said, “use this to cover your sweet bums.”

Kalyani hesitantly took it and wrapped it around her waist, and tied a knot like those bikini girls. She tried to hide her naked bottom. The three women thanked her mockingly and went back to their place to sleep. One of them again slapped her half-covered ass cheek.

Without a clue of what is happening between her and the nudity, Kalyani stood on the road and looked like a female Tarzan. She gained her consciousness and started continuing the path but this time running. She was very cautious that no one was around her to see her half-naked.

She preferred the dark rather than light to hide. To her luck, the road was ghosted, and she couldn’t find a soul. It took her 5minutes which felt like 5 hours, to reach her stop. From there, she’ll have to walk a distance to reach her colony. She ran cautiously, and to her shock, a street dog started barking at her.

She was petrified by the dog’s approach. She stood still without moving. The dog came near her and smelled her legs and then between her legs over the torn cloth piece. Kalyani felt ticklish sense when the dog was sniffing her vagina area. Then the dog left her and ran away.

Kalyani felt relieved and continued her path and finally reached the colony. The gate was not locked yet. She looked around to see if anyone is there. She found no-one. After the thrilling return from the airport, she entered her colony. She looked above and saw the cam she mounted before leaving.

She knew the cam was on now and is catching all her semi-nude body from above. She felt kinky and enjoyed the thrill. She posed for the camera and removed her bottom cover and then her bra. Now she stood stark naked and danced sexily in front of the cam and smiled at it.

She finally kissed the cam and started climbing the stairs. Her assets giggled while climbing, and she liked it very much. She took the camera, and to her luck, all the houses were locked. Everyone was sleeping.

She finally reached her door and entered her flat. She sat on the sofa naked and gave out a big sigh of relief. What happened that night was something that cannot be forgotten.

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