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A guest stays at the house

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An old high school friend from where I (38F) grew up was visiting my town and posted on Facebook that he needed a place to stay for a few nights after his conference each day.

I hadn’t seen him in 20 years but I told him that we had an extra bedroom and he could stay with my husband and I since we happened to live near the conference center in town. He agreed and went to his conference for the first day and then showed up after dinner at our house.

When he showed up, I was surprised because he looked so different from when we grew up. He was kind of a dork and not really out of shape but definitely not in shape in high school, but now he was pretty good looking and he had gotten really fit.

We caught up for a bit and it was pretty late so we showed him to the guest room. In the middle of the night, my husband was snoring so I got up, and forgetting we had a guest, sorta sleep walked down the hall. I went to the guestroom (that is where I usually relocate in the middle of the night), pulled the covers back to get in bed and about had a heart attack as I realize/remembered my high school friend was sleeping in there!

And he was completely naked. I gasped because I actually scared myself and was super embarrassed. And he woke up. He sorta screamed a bit too because I scared him awake. I flipped the covers back, apologized and quickly left and went back to the master bed.

I laid there wide awake. Partly because my freaking husband was still snoring and the adrenaline from scaring the heck out of myself, but also because I could not stop thinking about him just laying there naked right down the hallway. And I was having flashbacks of his flaccid dick laying on his leg. I had never seen a dick that big when soft. It was crazy.

I couldn’t get the thought of him being just feet away with nothing between my pussy and a dick that big than a thin layer of my panties and his sheet. I actually started rubbing my pussy thinking of him and it didn’t take long to have an epic orgasm – laying in my bed with my husband laying right next to me and the hot hunk of man I was fantasizing about being right down the hallway in our guest room. Whew, at least that was over with and I could get to sleep since I was now relaxed and satisfied from my orgasm.

The next night I was laying wide awake again. I felt this draw to instinctively sneak out in the middle of the night (this time consciously) into the guest room. I laid there while my mind raced back and forth. And my freaking husband snored. I was lot getting to sleep.

I finally got up and paced around our bedroom and into our master bath. As I paced I found myself in the upstairs hallway. I noticed that the guest room door was not fully closed and was cracked open an inch or two.

I hear Rob whisper “I was hoping you would show up again. I’ve been thinking of you since last night.”

Was I hearing things? Did he really say that or was my mind playing tricks on me. I walked closer to the door and I could see into the room through the crack because it was close to a full moon and light was coming through the blinds. The moonlight shown on the white sheets and I could see a massive tent that was being pitched under the thin sheets.

I pushed the door open and instinctively walked over to the guest bed where Rob lay. I got down on my knees next to his bed and felt him through the thin sheets. Holy shit. He grew even larger in my hand. What the fuck was I doing?

Primal instinct took over, I peeled the sheets back and admired his firm, full and exceptionally large dick. He said nothing. I leaned over and took him into my mouth as much as I could and gave him a blowjob while I held onto the base of his dick with my hand. I had not even thought about doing anything with another man since I was married. And I married my husband really young and was quite inexperienced – I had only ever had sex with my husband. The feeling of Rob filling my hands and mouth were unbelievable. He was so large. I finished him off and quietly slipped back into my room. I couldn’t believe I had just done that – two rooms down the hall from where my husband laid quietly asleep!

The next morning I barely made eye contact with our guest. I finally told him I apologized and it couldn’t happen again. He told me it was totally fine. (Of course!) That he had a crush on me in high school and always wished he had pursued me as his girlfriend then and he always kicked himself for not trying to date me. Honestly, that made my whole body tingle.

That night I got no sleep just thinking about him saying that and thinking back to high school when we hung out all the time. And obviously thinking about the night before. If the blowjob and handjob was that amazing and made me that horny, I just couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have him inside me.

I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I had never even imagined dicks that large. What the had I missed out on? What would that feel like?

I again slipped back into his room in the middle of the night. He was awake and I think hoping I would show up. This round no words were exchanged – i just flipped the covers back and he was rock hard. I slipped into bed with him and rolled over on top of him. I really didn’t waste any time since my husband was back in the master bedroom so I just mounted him. He was so large that I was trying to take it slow but I was also super freaked out and had to fuck him quickly before I might get caught. Thankfully I was so freaking horny that I was unvelieveably wet. As he entered me I sort of socialites back and forth between pleasure and pain (but a good pain). Once he finally entered me completely and my pussy opened up some to accomodate his size, he wasted no time and started fucking me like crazy. I think he was just as horny as I was and m it didn’t take long for my pussy to gush like it never had before. As I came, I kept riding him and he came himself within a few seconds.

It was unreal sex. And I had never came before my husband had. Frequently he has already gone and I have to finish myself off with my fingers. I quickly slipped my panties back on and quietly tip toed back to my bedroom slipped back into bed. My heart was pounding and I was scared to death my husband might have heard something or woken up, but he was dead to the world asleep. Holy shit. What just happened?! That was only the second person to fuck me other than my husband. And it was freaking amazing.

The next morning we were all down in the kitchen and I made a quick breakfast for the two guys – my husband who was off to work and Rob who was off back to his conference. I tried to make it as normal as possible so there would be no suspicions. But honestly my pussy was just wet when he came near me. And I felt like he was giving me knowing looks.

Later that evening when everyone was back home from work, we all had dinner. During dinner, Rob spoke up and asked my husband if he could take a look at the bed in the guest room because he thought that a board had popped out and the mattress was sagging! OMG. What the actual fuck was he doing? I was freaking out, scared and pissed he said this. He could blow this for me!

After dinner, my husband got some tools, took the mattress off the guest bed and sure enough, fixed a board from under the mattress box springs. That apparently had come loose the night before when this guy fucked me senseless while my freaking husband slept soundly down the hall!

Watching my husband dutifully repair the guest bed for some reason made me extremely horny. I think it was half that I had already fucked our guest in that very bed in the bedroom where we were now all three standing and half that I knew exactly what Rob was doing – he was messing with my husband right in front of me as a little inside joke between us. The balls on this guy! I was picturing him thinking that while my husband did the repair, he was planning on fucking me again in that very bed again that night. That he literally had my husband now repairing so that he could fuck me in it again. Rob winked right at me right in front of my husband while he doing the repair, but thankfully my husband missed it.

That made me so horny that Rob was so bold to ask my own husband to fix the guest bed that he damaged from fucking his own wife. And that my husband cluelessly fixed it for him so that he could do it all again. That minute as my pissy tingled standing there in the guest room with both guys, I knew what I would be doing later that night.

I waiting for my husband to be soundly asleep and slipped out wearing just my panties and silky top. Holy shit I was so horny. As I walked down the hallway, I slipped my top off and opened the guest room and walked in topless just wearing panties.

I was so horny from the earlier fixing of the bed incident that I forgot to close the guest bed room door all the way. I needed dick. A real dick that hung between the legs of a bold, cocky man who just wanted to fuck me in my home. I just walked over and climbed up on top of him – again he was rock hard and squatted over him. I was so wet from the audacity earlier that I just lowered my pussy straight down on his massive dick in one motion. It was like my pussy remembered his size from the previous fucking and was adjusting to his massive girth and length.

As I rode him the now full moonlight shown through the blinds. He made a comment about my massive tits which he could see clearly as the room was illuminated from the bright moon. He grabbed my hands and I wiggled my ass and tried to use gravity to get him even deeper inside of me. He held my hands as I lifted myself up and then back down over and over and let my weight force him deeper in. My pussy had never felt like this – it was this sensation of being completely filled. The tip of his dick was rubbing parts that I had never felt and it was almost like his dick and my pussy were a perfect lock and fit for each other in both the depth and girth.

At some point, he just started pounding me harder and harder – so hard he was sorta raising me up in the air fucking me. I had NEVER been fucked like that from my husband. I was trying my best to be as quiet as possible and manage the sounds of the guest bed squeaking and the moans my body was making – I was getting the fuck of my life. This time we were in sync and we came virtually at the same time.

The next morning, my husband had an early meeting so he left before our guest had to head out. That is when Rob told me what happened the night before. He said that when we were fucking (with him on his back and me riding him with my back to the door) he noticed my husband standing in the hallway over my shoulders. Holy shit! I was panicked.

He tried to calm me down and kept telling me to listen because there was more to the story.

He said in that moment somehow he knew my husband wasn’t going to stop us from fucking. So he purposely started fucking me harder – almost as a test to see what would happen since we were caught red handed anyways.

He said my husband just stood there and watched until his guest came right his wife’s pussy in his own house. And then he just turned around and left and didn’t say anything. I couldn’t believe it.

I was scared that I had been caught. I was freaking out all day and waited till my husband returned from work. Then I waited for him to say something. He did not. I was so confused. Then I was sorta pissed!

If my own husband didn’t care enough to try to stop me in the act of fucking someone else and especially when he caught me red handed, and then he just let the guy continue to take his own wife and pound me even harder while he fucking just stood there and did nothing, then why the fuck should I care?

I had only had sex with my husband when we were married. I had no idea other dicks like Rob’s even existed. He was fucking huge, his dick actually made me cum from penetration and I decided I was overdue. It was almost like false advertising from my husband. I just assumed he was like every other guy and it was normal not to cum from actual sex.

I felt like I now needed to make up for lost time and I was owed getting a big dick for once since putting up with my husbands penis and snoring for so many years.

And, I was sorta addicted. So I said “fuck it” and I just stopped worrying/caring and decided to push the envelope to see if my husband would actually step up.

So, the next night when we were all heading up stairs to fit to bed, I went to the master to brush my teeth and get ready. My husband was already in bed reading a book. When I came out of the master bath to the master bedroom I was wearing my sexiest set of lingerie.

But, instead of slipping into bed with my husband, turned towards our guest room. I opened the door from the master bedroom to the hallway and hesitated to see how my husband might react. He said nothing. So I opened the door (and left it open), walked into the hallway and down the hall to the guest room.

Rob was already in bed. I stood at the door to his room and then turned the doorknob and walked in. This time, I did not bother to close the guest room door behind me. I had left both doors open so there was no confusion that was was going to fuck the guest down the hall.

I jumped in bed with my high school friend and he fucked the absolute shit out of me. I made it a point to fuck him as loud as I possibly could. We were screaming out as we both fucked like wild animals – I was basically almost yelling things like “OMG, your dick is so big…finally, a real man is fucking me. Take my pussy. Your dick fits me perfectly” and more.

I wanted to see what the fuck was going on with my husband and see what his reaction would be. He never marched down, showed up or tried to stop anything.

So, that night I spent the night in the guest room, in bed with another man with my husband down the hallway.

The next morning I got up, went downstairs and made breakfast for my husband and Rob. My husband didn’t say a word about the night before. We made small talk and he left for work.

For the next two nights I just slept in the guest room and fucked Rob each night harder than the night before and sometimes a few times in one night to try to make a point. My husband said nothing.

So after two nights of loud fucking I went downstairs to make breakfast. I decided to just be completely naked wearing only an apron in the kitchen. When my husband came down, Rob was behind me, grabbing my ass, kissing my neck, grabbing my bare tits from behind and being exceptionally flirty. I had him sit down and made him an amazing plate and served him breakfast and made my husband nothing. I basically pretended like he wasn’t there.

My husband watched as i brought Rob a plate, and I told Rob “Last night was amazing. Your dick is the perfect size. It fits in me perfectly and fills me up like no one ever has.” Rob and I started kissing and making out right in front of my husband sitting at the table.

My husband did and said nothing and just watched as our guest slid his tongue down my throat and had his hands all over my naked body.

At that point I decided that I was done with my whip ass dumb husband and that I would give myself to my high school friend.

If my husband didn’t want to fight for me, I would let my high school friend take over as my new“husband”.

I decided my body was built for fucking Rob’s superior cock and the sheer excitement running through my body with Rob taking over right in front of my husband and basically claiming me as his own was a feeling I can not describe.

I jumped up on the kitchen table and spread my legs completely and lifted the apron. Rob dove down and licked my pussy right on the kitchen table in front of my husband and reached up and fondled my big tits. It took only seconds to cum.

I jumped down and told my husband that I wasn’t his any more. That he was pathetic and I was with Rob now. He finally spoke up and said he understood.

That the second he saw Rob chiseled body enter own home he felt like this was not going to end well for him.

And when he saw this massive dick pounding his own wife in the moonlight, and I came through actual penetration,
that he was amazed. He realized that my pussy and his penis were just not compatible and that I deserved to feel the pleasure of Cumming on a duck every time I fucked and that I never had in the 20 years we had sex. The bottom line was he could not provide that time of sex and that he had lost me to a genetically superior man.

He felt like after having sex with him for 20 years, that my body was built for fucking a large member that he quite simply could not provide. He said I deserved to be fulfilled and happy and that this was simple evolution. Rob had better genes. A bigger dick. Stronger.

That night, Rob and I moved into the Master Bedroom and my now ex-husband slept in the guest room. As he went to sleep he realized that the slays of the bed had jumped off the rails again from all the fucking so he put it on his mental to do list to fix that tomorrow.


  1. DonaldElliott11 Reply

    Loved it, thanks. Wives who cheat in the house with the hubby down the hall are a hot kink for me. Please write more stories. Maybe there is more humiliation for the weak husband?

  2. Well written but sad. Guys cannot control what size cock they are born with. But even a guy with a smaller cock should make sure his wife is fully satisfied one way or another.

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