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A Girl’s Night Out

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I smile at the bartender as I pass her my credit card to start my tab. It was one of those days today, and I just needed to get out of the house and be some place where I wouldn’t know anyone. I close my eyes as I take a pull from my beer, the cold rye taste filling my mouth as I savor the cold hoppy flavor. Relishing in the release and riding the wave to finally relax after the day’s events. I set the pint down, looking around to take inventory of the bar.

Dim lighting, a nice crisp contemporary feel to it. There is a stage for bands on the weekends, and a large enough dance area that is away from all of the seating. A pleasant contrast for those who want to live it up and those enjoying the music and atmosphere. It is starting to fill up as I finish my review of the bar. I can hear you and your friends coming in, loud and excited for a night out. I absently look up at the muted TV’s, watching nothing as I take another long drink.

Your perfume hits me first, followed by the breeze of your body eagerly rushing up to the open bar space next to me. The smell of hops quickly turns to overpowering femininity. I can’t even stop myself as I breathe your perfume in, feeling the fragrance flood my nose and take over every thought. I am smiling at you before I realize what is happening. You catch my gaze, smiling back as your friends are caught up in the conversation. Trying to hide your wedding ring as you savor the look of lust in my eyes, remembering that look, and knowing I am nothing but trouble tonight. Your tight little black dress and heels only fueling my lust.

Your drinks arrive and you join your friends off for your ladies night out. The place fills up between round 1 and 2. You return to the bar to get the 3rd round. Finding yourself standing next to me again, making small talk while you wait for the bartender to fill the order. Our bodies closer together as the bar is more crowded, my eyes on your body, as we press against each other.

By the 4th round I am helping your close friend carry drinks back to the table, and being introduced. Telling your friends that I wanted to dance with you. I managed to find out how long it has been since your whole group went out like this, dressed to kill with no one to hold you back, and convinced her that you looked like you need a dance. Before you can finish saying “no” we are ushered out onto the floor, already crowded by college kids and some a little older.

I give you a sheepish grin, my hand downing yours as we melt into the crowd. My eyes drifting down your body, taking in the sight of your little black dress. Letting you watch me look at you before we start dancing along to the music as more recent upbeat pop songs, our bodies getting closer each song, and trying to make more small talk between songs. I shake my head with a smile, as we realize there is no way to hear each other and we should just enjoy the dance. The alcohol flowing in our system making it easy to let loose and be a little goofy, showing off some of our choice dance moves during the songs we know.

The music changes to Dubstep, the base thumping louder than the other songs, and I smile at your confused look. I spin you around, your back to my chest as I pull you in close before you can react. My hands on your hips, as we grind in beat with the music. I keep my back to your friends, knowing we are partially hidden. My warm breath against your neck, as my fingers squeeze your hips. The scent of my cologne washing over you, the feel of my strong hands on you, and the feel of my body against yours becoming your only thoughts. You close your eyes to enjoy the feeling of my body against yours. Feeling my lust starting to grow against your tight dress, my hand sliding up your tummy, gliding over your firm breast, and gently squeezing your neck as I lean your head back over my shoulder.

“I know you need this,” I whisper in your ear as the song reaches a quieter moment. The fingers on your neck squeezing in a tease before I slide back down to your hips. Feeling my fingers press into you more urgently, my hot breath on your neck, my lust washing over you. You almost shudder at the thought of my words and my strong fingers. Knowing it is one of your naughty little fantasies you keep hidden in the closet, your favorite toy being a random guy that needs to have his way with you. The thought of your favorite fantasy taking you back to yesterday afternoon as you feel yourself getting wet at the memory and the feel of me against you.

“You want this don’t you,” I groan in your ear, bringing you back to reality. Barely loud enough over the music. Not sure of what I said until my fingers start to move down past your hips. Your hand urgently on my wrist, trying to keep me from going where I shouldn’t. Blushing in shame as my fingertips find out that tonight is one of the few nights you have gone out without any panties under your little black dress. You look at me embarrassed, my fingers on your little clit as I grind them back and forth. You try to tell me why we can’t do this as I kiss you, my fingers pushing between your wet swollen lips and sinking into you. Your fingernails digging into my arm as I fill you right on the dance floor.

My free hand sliding around your tummy, your fingers locked together with mine. My other hand slowly pumping your dripping little pussy, in beat with the music as I grind against you. My teeth gently biting your neck as you catch people looking at you, realizing my fingers are sliding in and out in unison with my hard member against your ass. My thumb on your clit as you start to feel your cares wash away, the song getting louder as you grind against my fingers, your nails digging in deep as you are about to…

…I pull back, your body suddenly floating out in space, empty and a little cold. On the verge of not caring about anything as you look back at me. Your hand in mine, as I pull you from the dance floor. Not even noticing the looks people are giving you when they see how flushed you are. You start to regain your senses when we are out back behind the bar.

A tangled alleyway between other businesses and second story apartments. I press you up against the brick wall of the bar before you realize what is about to happen. You try to tell me you are married that you really can’t do this, but your explanation gets cut off somewhere between your virtue and my strong hand under your dress again. My fingers between your legs, grinding against your clit as you look at me pleadingly; letting a small moan escape your lips. I step up closer to you, the heat and strength of my body against yours as you feel two fingers sliding back into you.

My free hand tangled in your hair, pulling it back as I make you look up at me. Trapped between my arms and the wall as my fingers grind faster inside of you. “What kind of man lets his wife out in a little black dress and no panties?” You gasp a response, the orgasm from before approaching.

“He doesn’t know does he?” I ask, pulling your hair back more as you start to slip away into your approaching orgasm. Making you look up at me as I pinch your clit between my soaked fingers. Your shame and embarrassment covering your face when I ask you. My cologne filling your nose again as I lean into you, my deep voice in your ear, and my fingers pressing deeper inside your dripping pussy. Fingering you in and out, your wetness practically echoing off the walls of the ally as you start to lose control. “He doesn’t know what a little slut you really are.” I tell you. My fingers pushing deep into you, as you realize it wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Your orgasm washing over you as your pussy clamps down on a stranger’s fingers, realizing it was the truth tonight.

Your legs shaky as you come down from your orgasm. Catching your breath before you realize I am telling you to show me what a little slut you really are. Finding yourself on your knees in front of a thick hard cock, realizing it is the first you have seen since you were married as it slowly pushes into your mouth. The alcohol and orgasm making it hard to focus on what it right, as my hard cock fills your mouth. I groan out, as your hand comes up to touch my throbbing shaft, hearing my lust filled approval as I take a hold of your hair.

Sliding out so you can suck on just the tip, your little fingers squeezing the base. You feel my fingers tighten in your hair, pulling your head back to look up at me. “Show me how much my little slut can take” I tell you, looking down at you as I push my cock into your mouth. Farther and farther, well past the point you have taken your husband’s. Your eyes bulging at how brazen I am, feeling another man’s cock pulse and throb on your tongue and in your throat. Gaging a bit, your hands on my bare legs, urgent for a breath as I pull out. Savoring your gasp as you look down at how wet you made my hard cock.

“Such a good little slut” I smile down at you with approval. You know you aren’t, this is just a drunken mistake. A mistake that will be done as soon as I cum for you. Not so bad, just fingering and a mouthful of cum for a brush against your darkest fantasy. Your thoughts interrupted as I slide back in, filling your hungry mouth. Your tongue and lips working against my cock, trying to make me cum. Feeling me fill you again, gaging as you need to breathe. It is so deep, pulsing. You need to breathe. Looking up at me questioningly, your hands against my legs, tapping like before.

You just see me smirk. Telling you how good of a slut you are. You realize it isn’t a quick blow job for me. Gasping as you keep looking at me, catching your breath. My fingers in your hair pulling your head back. Understanding that I want more, feeling the strength in my arms and my cock as I start to slide deep in and out of your mouth, knowing I won’t stop until I turn you into a slut. Disbelief as I pull you to your feet, pressing you against the wall.

“My friends…” you try to tell me. I chuckle, my body pressing against yours, pinning you against the wall.

“Oh, I think your friends know what you are up to, especially in this little black dress” I tell you, my fingers toying with the hem of the dress. I turn you around, bending you over up against the wall, your forearms crossed as you rest your head against it. Trying to look back at me. Watching me grab the base of my hard cock, grinding it up and down against your swollen dripping lips. Closing your eyes at the feeling, savoring it, knowing it has been longer than you thought since you felt it.

“Do you have a condom, we are tri….” You groan out, feeling the head of my cock teasing your lips, playing at your entrance before pushing into you. Not slow, but urgently and fast. Stretching you around my cock as I fill you completely, throbbing deep inside of you. I pull out slowly, enjoying the sight of my hard soaked cock before I push back in.

Struggling to hold onto reason, as you feel my strong fingers lifting your leg up, pushing even deeper inside of you. Taking your married pussy faster as I pull your hair back, making you groan out as I pin you up against the wall. “This is what you needed tonight isn’t it?” Our bodies slapping together faster, my fingers squeezing your leg as I pull you back onto my hard cock.

“You needed to get fucked like a little slut didn’t you” I moan out, pulling your hair back harder as you admit to me what you really need. Feeling me slide in and out again and again. Letting your leg down, making you spread it wide as I take you from behind. My hand spanking your bare ass as your dress is pushed up over your hips, your full tits almost falling out with each deep thrust. Knowing what I told you was true, as you grind back against my thrusts as your orgasm builds

Letting go of your hair, my fingers on your neck again. Squeezing around your throat, not too hard, but firmly. Pushing as deep into you as I can and stopping. Catching your breath as you feel full with me all the way in you. “Fuck…” I gasp, catching my breath. You look at me out of the corner of your eye, knowing I am not in control any more as I slide out slowly, that I am driven by pure lust. Feeling me push into you hard and deep. My fingers on your clit, rubbing and pinching it. Pulling it as I fill you with my thick cock. Your moans and pants matching mine.

Your need to release. Need to cum all over a strangers cock and show him what a slut you are as he pounds you from behind. So close…

“I am going to breed you.”

“Please,” you respond. On the verge of losing control when you realize what you just begged me to do to your fertile married pussy. The sound of our fucking echoing off the walls of the ally. Time standing still for a moment. My body tensing up against yours, struggling to breathe as you know I am right where you are. I should pull out, but you know you need to feel me inside you.

Everything comes crashing down as I try to hold you up, your orgasm taking over every nerve in your body. My cock throbbing deep inside of you as I fill you completely. Wave after wave of thick hot cum pumping deep inside your tight little pussy as you hold me in deep. Pushing against you, or orgasms subsiding as I catch my breath. My hot wet seed deep inside of you, before I pull out slowly.

Your face flushed as you look back at me. Still trying to comprehend how far things went, your pussy throbbing and feeling empty without me. Feeling my hot cum leaking down your legs slowly. Your dress still bunched up around your hips, your new heels making you look like a freshly fucked slut.

“I would get the morning after pill first thing in the morning babe.” I tell you as I zip up, making sure I am cleaned off as I watch you trying to come down from your orgasm. Walking back over to you as you watch me. “Although,” I start as I lean against the wall. My fingers scooping up my cum from your leg and pushing them back into your sore little pussy. “If you come by for a drink next week, I will know you just need to be turned into my pregnant little cum slut”

Watching me walk away, knowing that you can’t do what I want. Only to find yourself struggling to admit to yourself that you don’t want that too…

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