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A friend (M25) from university came to visit. All he’s done the past 3 days is fuck me (F27).

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I live overseas, so when a friend from undergrad asked if he could stay for a few days on his way somewhere else, I told him yes. This guy is wicked smart, started university 2 years early, and is now some hotshot corporate lawyer. We were in the same living/learning community in undergrad, so had similar classes and spent a lot of time together. But nothing ever happened between us.

In the first 24 hours since landing, he fucked me 3 times. He’s really grown into his body and seems much more confident than I remember him. We dropped off the bags, he showered, and we went to grab some coffee. He was kind of handsy but I passed it off as me not remembering how generally touchy Americans can be. Back at my place, I took a work call and he listened while unpacking. When I finished, he said I was much bossier than he remembered.

But then he put his hand on my shoulder, right at the curve of my neck, and I melted – just in time for him to reach past me and grab some water. He smirked at my reaction and then continued with whatever he was doing.

That night, I was worked up over a third work phone call (on a Friday night!) right at bedtime. I wrapped it up and went to his door to tell him good night. He said something about pulling in my claws and then pulled me into him. Again, I just melted. He wasn’t domineering, just very matter of fact when he said he was going to fuck me.

Then he did – against the bookcase and then, a couple hours later, in the guest bed. The next morning he fucked me again as I made some espresso (the espresso was ruined & I didn’t care).

Each day this weekend we’ve gone out to do some sightseeing and broken it up with some pretty incredible sex back at my place. I keep turning into this sweet little bundle of need when he touches me, which isn’t entirely usual. And he takes full advantage – just writing this, I’m all kinds of sore. He leaves tomorrow and I’m sure we’ll fit in a few more creative sessions before then.

I don’t know what would blow my first-year university self’s head more if I could go back and tell myself about this: That I’m such a slut that I let people come visit to fuck me or that it’s the sweet and brilliant guy down the hall doing the fucking.

Be nice to the quiet nerdy guys in your life – they may just come back and fuck you into the mattress in a few years 😉

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