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A first coffee date

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This is something I actually want to try. DM me if you want to discuss this.

Part 1: I meet a gal on-line and we talk for a while and have very nice conversations. We seem to be attracted to each other and have much in common so we decide it would be exciting to meet in-person and decide on a local coffee/tea shop and a time & date. She asks me if I have any attire requests. I pause for a moment and think – “Should I really say what’s on my mind?” I take the chance and ask her to wear her hair in a pony tail and I do like lipgloss or lipstick, light on the make-up. Sandals are nice, and some sort of yoga pants or similar. Even a business skirt would be nice. For her top, I’d like her to come braless wearing a light colored, thin cotton tank top. I ask her to cover her top with a coat/jacket/sweater/blazer – something that can easily open and/or be taken off. She says, “No problem. I have just the outfit to wear”.
Part 2: I arrive at our meeting spot a little early and stake out a table in a quiet part of the shop and wait for her to arrive. When she does I stand to greet her with a hug and kiss on the cheek. We sit at the table and after a few minutes of chat, I go to order and bring back our drinks. I sit across from her and her back is to the people in the shop.
Part 3: She now controls if and when she wants to open her jacket/top covering and how much. I will not say a word or ask for her to do so – she is in total control of the situation. She can watch my eyes as I try not to stare but hope for a look at what is under her jacket. She can watch me squirm in my chair, probably rubbing my knees together at times. Either way, she decides if and when I get a peak. I anticipate how she will open her jacket and reveal what is underneath – will she be casual? Will she be a little bold? I want to lean over the table and whisper something in her ear but not sure if I should. The thoughts race through my mind. We sit for an hour or so enjoying our beverages and wonderful conversation. We appear to be very comfortable with each other and there is an attraction between us. I ask her if she would perhaps like to sit in the car and listen to some music and continue our conversation. To be continued .…

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