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A day in the life of Ayesha (Part 1)

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Hazrat Ayesha RA was in deep sleep on her bed when shaken by the continuous knock on the weak wall of her room because it had no door to be knocked at. Instead a piece of cloth hanged as a curtain. As you all know she was the beloved wife of our prophet Hazrat Muhammad SAW and thus the mother of all the believers. Although this was supposed to be a symbolic gesture for them to treat her with respect like they had for their mothers but the believers took it very serious and they literally used to call her mother Ayesha. Hazrat Ayesha was sleeping alone because her husband was gone out of city for preaching Islam to the kuffars. It was not unusual. Hazrat Muhammad SAW undertook such journeys more than often and when he was on such a journey, Hazrat Ayesha RA was to be in charge. With power comes responsibility. Same was the case with Hazrat Ayesha RA. Being in charge meant that she had to take care of all the matters which prophet used to take care of. These matters included heading the muslims for prayers five times a day. Hazrat Ayesha RA always took this responsibility with honor and never disappointed her husband. She was with the prophet since 9 years and had just turned 18. Shaken from the deep sleep by loud noise, she immediately came to her senses and realized that she had kept sleeping through the Azan. One knocking on the door was none other than Hazrat Bilal Habshi RA. He was pure black and had a heavy/loud voice. Hazrat Ayesha RA answered the knocking by saying she was just coming to the prayers. Knocking stopped. Her room was adjacent to the mosque and the only way out of the room was through the mosque. Back then, Arab used to be much more hotter than it is now a days and people dressed according to the weather. Most people slept naked. Remember there were no fans back then and sleeping indoors with clothes on was very hard to say the least. Hazrat Ayesha RA was also sleeping naked with just a scarf to cover face. This was not a ritual or anything but just an old habit. For someone recently turning eighteen, she had a body of someone much older and mature like around 25. Speaking of body, she had the greatest body of all the wives and concubines her husband had. Maybe that was the reason, she was his favorite wife. Not that other wives were less attractive, her beauty was just a sight to behold. She still remembered how the prophet was turned on when he saw her playing with her friends out side her home. She was only 6 years old but enough to awake sexual desires in the prophet. He married her instantly. Coming back to the current situation, Hazrat Ayesha RA was not left with much choice. She was responsible for leading the prayers. It was not about ablution. She always slept in ablution and her ablution was not affected by the sleep. Timing was of the essence here. It was just minutes for the light of sun to reach Earth which would render the time of prayer lapsed thus causing the waste of the prayers of all the Muslims. What should I do? Thought Hazrat Ayesha RA for merely a second and came upon a brave yet appropriate decision. Had she proceeded to go for a mouthwash or wearing her dress, the time would have lapsed. It was already too late. Therefore, she took the cloth she used to cover her face during sleep and wrapped it around her body. Given it was a small piece of a silky cloth, it was definitely unable to cover the gorgeous body of umul momineen Hazrat Ayesha RA. As already told above, she had a body so beautiful as it was heavenly. Her color was pure white just like milk. Her lips were pinkish and soft as petals. Her skin was so smooth that any cloth would just slip right off of it. It may offend some believers to talk about her in this manner but I’m going to take this opportunity to describe her beauty in the best way I can. I truly believe that praising the people our prophet loved is a way to earn respect in the eyes of Allah Almighty. Hazrat Ayesha RA had long hairs which stretched from her head to all the way to her melon sized hips. Hazrat Ayesha RA had perfect breasts. Perfect is a small word for those perky yet heavy boobs. Actually there are not enough words to describe what she looked liked. Her boobs were heavy but not tilting anyways. Instead they stood tall on her chest proudly. Coming downwards, she had a pussy covered with hair. There were hairs on the pussy but they were not just the hairs. Shiny black hairs trimmed in a way to look like there was a word written. The word was ALLAH. Most Muslims now a days rely on weaker ahadiths about removing pubic hair while the fact is that prophet never ordered to remove them but he left it to the people. He himself was person of multiple interests. With hazrat Ayesha RA, had trimmed hairs and at the same time there were other wives, whose pussies he liked to be clean shaved completely. Therefore there cannot be a certain verdict on the matter. Hazrat Ayesha RA always made sure to keep her husband happy and this was one of the ways to make prophet happy. Sometimes prophet would come home tired and would look at the word written with the pubic hairs of her beloved wife, he would instantly go down and kiss there. He told hazrat Ayesha that this act made his resolve more stronger. Her pussy hairs gave him strength and reminded him of Allah’s reign and singularity. While the cloth was short and almost transparent, hazrat Ayesha RA had no other choice. She wrapped it tight around the body but it was only able to hide little portion. It barely reached pussy but she had to leave half of her boobs uncovered. Also it was not wide enough so she had to stretch it to wrap it tightly. This stretching caused her boobs to be pressed against the cloth. But it was certainly not the time to think of such petty matters.

There was only one thing in her mind. The prayer. She had heard the prophet saying that Allah loves those who sacrifice their sleep to pray in the early morning before sunrise. She thought while hurriedly walking towards her prayer mat which was already set in place. She absolutely knew the consequences of missing the prayer. Not only Allah will get angry but the grave sin of missing fajr prayer would be on her neck and she would be responsible for herself and all the people who waited for her. Merely a thought of Allah’s wrath sent chills in her spine and she walk became faster.

Even though most of the people in the prayer knew Hazrat Ayesha RA very well and they all had seen her on various occasions but nobody had seen her in the way they were right now. Everybody knew that Allah had given Hazrat Ayesha RA the beauty which no other girl could even think to compete but still everybody was astonished to see how Hazrat Ayesha RA looked. She most certainly looked gorgeous in that silky cloth tightly wrapped around her body. While looking at her, it seemed that the cloth may fall any moment given the pressure that Hazrat Ayesha’s breasts and body had put on the poor thing. Well, poor is not the right word to be honest. It was actually the luckiest piece of cloth in the world.

Before going forward with the events of that morning, I would like all of my readers to know about the usual dresses of Arab people back then. Women used to wear a long abaya type dress which extended from their shoulders to ankles. It was up to women if they wanted to wear anything underneath it because it did not make any difference. Moreover, the weather used to be so hot and there were no toilets in the houses. All these reasons made it only appropriate to not wear anything under the robe. Before Islam, there was no restriction on covering head with a scarf but when the prophet announced his prophethood, he made it mandatory for muslim women to always cover their head in public. Before Islam, even nudity was not something to be frowned upon and it may come to you as a surprise but it is a fact that nudity was a common practice among arabian people. They even prayed naked and performed haj and umra while wearing nothing. At the same time, nudity was only optional and there existed people who were not comfortable being nude in front of everybody. It is also a fact that most people who accepted Islam early on were among the latter group. Anyhow, men who chose to dress up wore a cloth wrapped around their legs and tied to their waist on the front side so that the crotch was easily accessible for peeing and other purposes. This enabled men to not remove the cloth entirely just to pee. Instead they just had to pull their penises out of there and start peeing. Same was the case for women. They just lifted up the robe and did their business.

Hazrat Ayesha RA stood on the prayer mat facing Kaaba waiting for Hazrat Umar RA to say the takbeer. Takbeer is something which is said before praying by the person standing behind the Imam. Usually it was her father who said takbeer but at this moment he was gone with the prophet. Hazrat Umar RA was the second senior most person so he had to do it in Hazrat Abu bakr’s absence. Hazrat Ayesha RA was waiting but the takbeer didn’t come through. Somewhat angrily, she turned back to see what was the problem. Hazrat Umar RA was looking down. As was everybody else. Hazrat Umar RA started explaining without letting Hazrat Ayesha RA ask anything. He said that he had heard prophet saying that every muslim woman must cover her face while in public and also while praying. You are the mother of Ummah. All muslim women follow you. If you do not comply with the prophet’s teachings, who will?

These words proved to be an eyeopener for Hazrat Ayesha RA. She was so keen to just pray that she forgot the very basic thing that was required in order to pray right. She felt guilty. Hazrat Umar was absolutely right. She had also heard the prophet saying similar thing on various occasions. She looked above where the dimmest of sunlight was starting to appear. She had very little time. What should I do? She thought and immediately came upon a brave decision. She knew that while it was impossible for her prayer to be accepted without covering her hijab so there was no other way round. She decided to use the cloth as hijab. Although doing this would render her whole body to be visible in front of other people but it was a little price to pay in exchange for Allah’s mercy and forgiveness. Moreover, she had also heard his husband asking men to lower their gaze in front of a women so she was also expecting that even being nude made no difference because everyone would be looking down. She was right to think that but little did she knew what was about to happen.


  1. Rishab Patwari Reply

    I want to kill ayesha because she killed the husband of Fatima.
    Fatima and Ali were good people
    The prophet and his wife ayesha and his son in laws were very bad people
    Ayesha may be beautiful but she is not a good woman. She is poisonous snake ?

  2. Rishab Patwari Reply

    I want to k.ill aye.sha because she ki.lled the husband of Fat.ima. Fat.ima and were good people The pro.phet and his wife aye.sha and his son in laws were very bad people Ay.esha may be beautiful but she is not a good woman. She is pois.onous sn.ake ?

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