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A Brother’s Revenge_(1) by Bpc22

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The only words that could escape his mouth after his door bell rang in that fridgid January morn.

“It’s 3am. I dont know why you could not have at least called first.”

He was pissed she knew. After all, her older brother and her never got along. She was the only girl of the four of them and could, hell did get away with everything. From the drunken teenage parties, to the drugs and having a child at 16, her father mearly looked the other way.

Her older brother Mike, on the other hand, had to work hard for everything. His first car, that although Erica knew that Mike was aware she had stolen, to paying for his own schooling and every other thing that life threw his way. And now with nowhere else to go, she was on his door step at 3 am looking for a place to sleep and stay warm.

“Come in” he begrudgingly said, wiping sleep from his eyes and upset that he was not asleep. But he didnt want her out there either and knew she would be in trouble if she wasn’t inside.

She removed her shoes as he grabbed her bags and took them to the quest room. The 5’5″ blonde with 34 c tits and a dynomite body shivered and followed him up the stairs, straight to the fridge for something to drink. He came out and and joined her, now in the living room as there was no point to bed at this point. A fire soon roared the the fire place as he noticed she had a beer.

“I guess you can stay for a while.” He said.

“Just a few rules and no arguing about it.” “You will help clean around the house and cook one meal a day. I wont make you pay anything, but dont take my generosity for granted. Also no drugs and no one else can stay here. Piss me off and disobey and you are out.”

“Ok” slipped from her lips as she sipped the beer. “I will do that. And thank you for letting me stay. I really appreciate it, Mike!”

Things went well for the first week until he came home early from work. She was passed out on the floor with beer cans and a baggie of something laying beside her. He tried to wake her, but she was out cold.

“Fucking bitch!!” He screamed, angry at his trust being betrayed yet again by her. Her chest heaved and spit ran from the corner of her mouth as she slept off jer drug induced coma.

A sinister thought crossed his mind and as the anger boiled in his veins.

“This whore is now going to feel my rath!” He grabbed her shirt and tore it off. “Can’t even wear a bra. Oh well!” Her nipples hardened as the cool air hit them and he dropped to his knees and engorged his mouth around them. Biting and sucking and licking them until they were at full attention.

She moved slightly, but he did not care. She was going to pay. He arose from the ground and bolted to his room only to find that someone had been in there. Money was missing and his desk drawer was askew.

His blood boiled. He went to the closet and retrived the bag as the sinister smile aslowly, methodically crossed his face. He returned to her and rolled her over and tied her hands behind her back. Ball gag in her mouth and blindfold on, he removed her sweat pants to revile her trimmed snatch as his cock strained in his pants for attention.

He dropped his pants, ready to rape her right there and cum in womb, but decided he wanted to hear her cry and beg for mercy. He tied her legs up so she was now spead eagle, defenceless and still unknowing that a brutal attack was intimate.

He cock twitched as he admired his work and grabbed the nipple clamps and attached them. It wasn’t until he pulled on them hard that she stired. Screaming into the ball gag and desperately trying to get up. The tears were flowing as her clit took the first lash from the crop. A decisive blow to her womanhood that made him even think he’d gone to far. But that thought left him as quick as it came, as thoughts of all the shit she’d done to him came crashing back.

Twack twack twack. 3 more found the mark and the screams that left her gagged hole now filled the air followed by sobs and and uncontrollable, high pitched whines.

He removed her blindfold and as her vision cleared she saw the horror of her brother, naked and hard, standing over her. She pleaded with her eyes, begging him to stop this torture. Her gaze fell upon a blank, stone eyed return.

“I fucking told you no drugs!! I open my HOUSE to you and you treat me like this?!? What gives you the right?”

He reached down to temporarily remove the gag, and was breathing deep toncalm himself. No use in going overboard. The night was young and she would be punished for hours.

“I’m sorry. Please just stop. No more! NO MORE YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!”

A quick, vicious slap across her face caused her to see stars and the sobs returned as she tried to make sence of all of this. He grabbed the bag beside her and ask her what it was.

“You already know you monster!”

Precum was dripping from his prick as he scowled at her. “Rules broken, time for you to pay for years of bullshit that you have done to me. And after I am done, maybe I will let you go!”

A wet sensation hit his cheek as she spit on him. Mike chuckled aloud as he wiped it on his cock and positioned himself between her legs. “Ready or not cunt” he told her as his cock slammed into her moistening slit. Buried to his balls, he sat still for a moment, enjoying the fact that she was pissed at this fact and ecstatic at the taboo feeling of his cock deep inaode his sisters puss. He slid out slowly, and then rammed it back in hard.

Feeling her getting wetter with each stroke only made him harder, and fuck her faster.

“I’m going to cum deep inside you! You will never disobey me again!!” His rage was now full on and as she went to object, he slapped her tit so hard, it caused the clamp to fly off.

“Please stop. You are hurting me! Please, please, PLEASE!!!!” Her screams were now paniced more by her thought that she would die tonight. “Hell, I’m dead already!” she said as the thought of her brother cummimg in her almost made her puke. And at that moment, another sickening thought bestowed her as a moan exited her mouth and a orgasm was starting to build.

“Oh my god you sick fucker! You are (pant, pant) making me ughhhhhhhhh!!!! Cum! Fuck just kill me you sick fucker!” Her pussy clamped onto his cock, but he continue pounding, continued to go as deep as he could into his sister’s love tunnel.

Just as another orgasm was about to hit, he pulled out, and and reached into his bag to remove a mouth speader. But ahe was still unwilling, and didn’t know what he was doing, or planning to do. Her pussy ached to have his cock back there and she wished he would finish and maybe put this whole incident behind her. But she knew this would not be the case.

“Open your mouth!” He snarled at her, an animalistic mentality that she never knew hed had erupted in this sick, twisted, unfathomable turn of events. When she didn’t comply, a return of the crop to her engorged clit quickly made her. Soon she regretted her desicion as he shoved his cock in her mouth.

“Almost as good as that worthless pussy of yours skank.” Even he was shocked that the words came out so easy. “But, focus on the task. Finish her. HUMILIATE HER! MAKE HER PAY FOR EVERYTHING!” The voice in his snapped brain remained in control, and the vision of his sister, naked, defeated, and utterly devastated, left his prick aching, and a euphoric tingle from head to toe.

Tears fell like a hurricane down her face as she struggled to breath. Erica was a lot of things, but cock sucker, and for that matter anal sex, was never on the table. But now her brother’s pussy juice soaked member, was abusing her mouth. She struggled not to gag amd throw up, fearful of any punishment that could follow.

She struggled as he now held her head tight against his pubic bone, cutting off one of life’s essential elements, air. But between the abuse, the cock shoved down her throat and his fingers on her nipple, her third orgasm ripped through her body, as she squirted on the floor amd eyes rolled back.

She hit the ground with a thud. Passed out for the second time today, but this time due to abuse and the most satisfying orgasm she’d ever had. Not that she would give him the satisfaction of telling him. He stood over her, looking at her naked body, spit dripping down his cock, balls, and any other body part between his waist and floor, mixing with pussy cum on floor and satisfying the incest rapist to near orgasmic levels.

As she regained consciousness, Erica realized she was face down ass up and prayed that her forbidden tunnel would not be next. Erica was relived as he pushed back into her snatch, with deep, hard thrusts. Carpet burns were forming on her tits and face as he reached around and ripped the other clamp off of her nipple. Her pubic harlir matted with her juice, and the pain and pleasure made her release another orgasm.

With that one, Mike felt his balls tighten and rope after rope of cum shot into her unprotected cunt. His twitching cock slowly deflating, and a hard couple of smacks to her ass, and it was over. They both lay motionless on the floor. Erica sobbing, Mike in pure jubilation.

He untied her after snapping a few pictures, took her phone and looked at her and without missing a beat, said “Go clean up slave whore. You are not done being punnished, and you are now all mine!”

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