Erotic Stories

7 funny and disturbing short sex stories from college students

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In college I had an email where I would ask college students to anonymously submit their most interesting sex stories. These are all in their own words

A few years back my friend and I decided to go to an amusement park with her brothers. When we got to the big roller coaster my friends decided they wanted to go in front while I was to scared. So one of my friends brother, Steve went with me while the others went in front. When it was our turn we got in our seats and Steve immediately started touching my boobs and vagina. I liked it I mean I was 15 so I’d never had sex or masturbated. But this felt very good, so the coaster started climbing to the top. When we went down it felt like I had to pee, he’d been fingering me for 5 minutes now. I let it go and I squirted all over the coaster and went all over the riders behind us. Their dumb asses thought it was water from the water ride next door. When the ride ended we jumped and ran out of the ride. We left the seat soaked of my piss. Lol.

For my daughters second birthday my baby daddy and I decided to do a circus theme. We hired a couple actors to dress like circus people. Well when my baby daddy arrived he looked drunk as shit, I told him to go home and that I didn’t want our daughter to see him like that. So he ends up falling on me and touching my boobs. To be honest at that point I hadn’t had sex for like eight months at that point so I liked it. I grabbed his hand and toke him to my bedroom. We walked in on the clown and gymnast going at it. My baby daddy never sobered up so fast. The weirdest part about this is the gymnast had a penis and was a female. My baby daddy and I decided to join in with it just because we were horny. I got separate cream pies from them all. After that I hired them for the next 5 birthdays. Best decision I’ve ever made.

In high school and college now, my favorite way to have sex is through threesomes or gang bangs. I would always get a couple of guys from the football team and those geeky girls that were always willing to get fucked by hot stuff like us. So one night I had a party at my house just for the fact that at the end everyone has sex. I like watching people have sex and like people watching me too. My friend and i got a girl, ugly as fuck but that’s not the point. She was willing to have sex. We go to the basement and start going down on each other. I end up finishing with no problem. The basement is dark as shit and the girl ends up slipping on some water and falling in cat shit at the end. When we finally find a working light we go into the bathroom to help hose her off. No joke I open the curtains and there’s a fucking old ass grandma getting fucked by the football team leader. She asked us if we wanted to join I just threw up and left. Fuck my life dude.

So during middle school during our lunch period there was usually nothing to do after eating. Well one day I’m outside hanging out with a couple friends when I see this couple sneaking into an area we’re not allowed to be in. I follow them and as I do I see drops of blood and water on the cement. I kinda get worried somethings wrong and run around the corner. The moment I rounded to corner Immediately regretted my decision. This guy was fingering this girl while she was either on her period or getting her cherry popped. What makes it weird was that she was peeing also. At that time I didn’t understand she was squirting all over the pavement. They both didn’t notice me so I toke a video and sent it to my friends. Her dad is the principal of the school and I guess he saw the video because that next school year they were gone with a trace.

In high school I worked an after school job. I quickly fell in love with my co worker and our relationship moved pretty fast. We started having sex a couple weeks into the relationship. My parents didn’t allow him to come over to our house so I went to his for dick. I have so many stories to tell about his house and having sex there. He had like 4 younger siblings that he would have a conversation with through the wall while he was deep inside me. So one night we’re going at it and in walks his dad while I’m on top. I stop and his dad just says “nice tits” and leaves. He was drunk. I broke up with my bf because all his dad would do is stare at my boobs from then on.

I don’t know why but I always get the urge to have sex every time I drive. Before I was in a relationship I would bring my vbrator and a dildo with me every time I went to run an errand. I just felt so good. One day while on my way to work I take my parents car and pick up my gf. We start fingering each other as I drive. I end up swerving a couple times from a shaking orgasm. Well as I’m fingering this girl she starts cumming everywhere. Which would be fine if it wasn’t my parents car. It’s only got worse when she started projectile shitting pieces of carrot colored poop. I immediately pulled over and told her to get the fuck out. I go to the store and get so many disinfectant wipes and start the clean up. It was the worst smelling shit I’ve ever smelled. On my way back to finally go to work. I see her walking down the street with shit all over her dress and a big roll of paper towels. I never talked to her again.

As a male going through the teen years I always found ways of getting myself off. One weekend I went across the street to build a Bear. It was awkward being the only teen male there by himself. I get the heart and stuff him up firm. Get a sexy cheerleader outfit. I went home and cut a hole out just big enough for my penis in the groin section of the bear. I go to town and use this as my favorite way to get off. I would even take it to school if I needed any public pleasure during the day. Once I went to college I left the bear at home and grew out of the whole let’s fuck my teddy bear every night. When I saw teddy again she was very black and smelled nasty. I found out my cum molded inside the bear over the years. No wonder I got so many UTI’s. I definitely learned from that one.

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