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[38] straight [F] first G/G experience

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Back when I was 18 and living in a dorm my first year of college, I had to share it with a random girl I never met.( Holly ) We both got along well right off the bat. Neither of us had a boyfriend at the time and we went out to clubs and danced. Everyone had just started the whole live streaming stuff and when we were bored one night, we thought we would give it a try.

We had already had some drinks and had a bottle of Absolut in the room. We set up the Webcam on the laptop and started a live video chat room on [email protected] We drank and chatted , nothing crazy. People would dare us to do things. It was fun. The more we drank the more dares we did. We were asked to show our feet, our tits, our asses, etc. I showed my feet a bunch and pulled up my loose sweatshorts a few times so my ass hung out. One time Holly smacked it. Our audience seem to love that and the chat room grew bigger. Holly was a very petite blonde around 5 foot tall. I was a little taller brunette but have always had very large breasts,, even on my smaller frame.

After more drinks the dares got easier to do. Holly finally showed her tiny tits and then I gave in and showed mine. We had seen each other naked but this was sexual in nature. Before it was showering and dressing. They dared us to kiss and we giggled and pecked each other’s lips. Both of us being straight so it wasn’t a big deal. We laughed it off. They dared me to show my big tits again and also told Holly to grab them. After some convincing, she grabbed both of them and squeezed. I won’t lie, it felt great and sent electric to my pussy. We kissed a few more times. Each one lasting longer and getting a little more intense. I smacked her ass when she pulled her shorts down exposing her ass and pussy to the crowd. She had bent over and it was the first time I ever saw her pussy like that. She just stayed bent over shaking her ass while her little pussy peaked out too. I rubbed her butt a few times and smacked it.

The next time I pulled my tits out, she kissed them. They dared her to keep going. I laid on my back and she took her time, kissing around my breasts and then sucked a nipple in her mouth. It sent a shiver down my body and my pussy got wet immediately. I hadn’t had sex with anyone in about 6 months. Just masturbating only. She sucked on both of my nipples and when she stopped she went to my mouth. I pulled her in and kissed her full Om, tongue and all. I think we got lost in the moment and forgot about our crowd. She whispered in my ear and told me she was extremely turned on. I said, yeah me too. We sat up and went back to the chat room. Both feeling a little different now.

They were all screaming show us your pussies now. Holly and I both took off our shorts and panties. Sat back with our legs up and showed them. We both started playing with our pussies for them. Of course they loved it. Holly pulled her hairbrush over and started rubbing it on her pussy. I stopped what I was doing to watch closely and looked at the chat. They said for me to help, so I did. I reached over and grabbed the brush and rubbed it all over Holly’s pussy. It was very wet and it slipped right in. She laid back and I fucked her with it til she tensed up and came. Her body covered in goosebumps. She sat up and looked at me. She leaned over and kissed me and told me she wanted to taste me. I said ” in front of them ” and she said yes.

She pushed me back and went down on me. She nervously licked around my hips and then my bush, then down and her tongue found my clit. I was dripping wet. I know she got a mouthful of it. She stuck a finger up my pussy and started licking my clit. It felt so amazing bc it was so primal. Just two straight girls extremely turned on and wanting each other. Her other hand went down and I felt her rubbing my asshole, pushing on it but not going in. Her finger in my pussy and mouth on my clit, I started cumming like never before. She kept licking me while I came. I never felt one like that, ever.

We ended the chat room almost immediately and both kind of passed out together naked. It was awkward the next day but we soon got over it and chocked it up to being drunk and having fun. We fingered each other off and on and fucked a guy together in the dorm room throughout the rest of the year. We are both married and still friends to this day.

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