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[37m] Sex with my wife [32f] is the best sex I’ve ever had even after 10 years together! Just a wife appreciation post!

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I got to marry my best friend 7 years ago today! I’m in love with her more than I was 10 years ago when we first met.. and is growing by the day..we live love and laugh till we are in tears sometimes.. I couldn’t live without her!
we have good days as well as bad days.. who doesn’t.. but the sex is absolutely amazing! I’m not sure this is the right page for it but I’m currently away on a work trip horny and reminiscing about all the great sex we have had and just attempted to write it down in sone sort of way!

after 10 years together to are still having sex on average 4x a week.. it’s still spontaneous.. it’s still exciting and still surprising!!
We have of course had the short dry spell after maybe some bad news or an argument but we always go back in all guns blazing!
I’m currently looking at a picture she just sent me.. and it got me instantly hard she has that affect on me!

We have always been open about sex and always discussed it.. they say Communication is key to good sex and I can well believe it.

We are both huge “givers” and we both get huge satisfaction from giving pleasure to one another which makes the everyday boring tasks that we have to do more fun.. when washing up she often stands behind me hand down my pants stocking me.. when she does the boring “home admin” such as insurance.. shopping lists and bills.. I’ll be under the desk/table and I’ll just go down on her.. it’s something we have always done.. I can’t wash up without getting slightly turned on..

My wife isn’t a confident driver so Ive always been the designated driver so when we go out anywhere I never drink but I’ve never minded.. it might have something to do with the fact that I know after a few mins of getting in thr car her hair goes up and her face goes right into me lap.. main reason why we have an automatic!

We have always tried to be adventurous! I can remember having a conversation with her when we were in our 20’s talking about the future and saying We didn’t want to be one of those couples who just have “missionary” or “girl on top” in the bedroom once a month so we try to avoid that as much as possible and use other rooms in the house.

We have sex in so many places I’ve lost count! From shop changing rooms.. on forest walks and many other public places.. we have yet to have gone to a wedding without sneaking off babk to the room or trading each other throughout the whole day.. weddings to us are very special times it was both the best day of our life and we find them so special we love being invited to them! It brings back such emotions for us!

I remember our wedding day and even writing this it’s difficult not to get extremely turned on.. we were together for about 3 years before we got married. I’ve always been a huge fan of anal sex but she hadn’t ever experienced it which was fine.. We spoke about it,, she said it wasn’t her thing.. so i never bought up again.. so on my wedding night I remember her coming out of the bathroom in just most sexist of white lingerie.. the full kit.. suspenders.. push up bra.. everything.. my jaw just dropped.. I was sat on the edge of the bed and she came over to me, I obviously put my hands on her bum and we kissed… she smiled at me and did a little dance,. Turned around and kept wiggling her tiny bum.. I was drunk and it took me a while to see but I noticed something under her thong strap.. it was a butt plug… for a wedding gift she was going to do anal for me!! Cutting a long story short I think I lasted about 2 minutes in her arse… she now absolutely adores anal and we regularly do it!!

We often find sex games like “sex cheques” a “scratch off sex position game board” and other novelty things which really spice up our sex life!

We were never able to Conceive kids which really affect us, but we have come to terms with it now and we now joke about it,, saying sex is our kid, we know so many couples who are close friends with kids who haven’t had sex in a long time which we have found out is effecting there relationships.

We are now having the conversation about potentially inviting a third person to join us.. one occasion with another woman and one with another man.. we haven’t yet done this but we have had many a good nights talking about it,, watching threesone porn and having lots of orgasms from it!

For anyone reading this and wanting to introduce some more passion into there relationship my advice is Communication! Talk about it! Don’t be afraid to say something you might want to try and always be open minded!
Buy sone costumes maybe.. buy sex toys!

It’s not my thing but I could comfortably say tk my wife.. “I would like to try pegging” if I did she would be straight online doing research! Ha

Life is to short not to have a great relationship!

Thanks for reading my wife appreciation post

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  1. cowboy195070 Reply

    that is one great story. and I think all mariages need to be that way. because ours is that way for sure.

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