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28M This night ended differently than expected. Long and detailed story

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Freshman year of college I was talking to this girl, we will call her Ally for anonymity. She was pretty shy for the most part.

One night I asked if she wanted to come over and watch a movie. She said she would, but she has a friend over, we will call her Megan. I knew that Ally wasn’t down for anything sexual, so I told her I didn’t mind if someone else was here.

They showed up and this was the first time meeting Megan. She was so much more sexy than Ally. Megan was wearing soft cloth boots shorts and a t-shirt. Megan had perfect tits, not overly huge, but big enough to get lost in. Ass was smaller than I’d like, but very tone. Megan and my eyes lingered on each other, and I knew she wanted me too.

We went inside and I put on a movie, I picked a longer movie so they’d stay longer. I only had a bed in my room, so we all lied down on my bed. I laid down first against the wall, then Megan, then Ally. *side note* I never understood why Ally would allow her friend to be that close to me because she was the jealous type and didn’t experiment too much sexually.

The movie started, and before the opening credits were over Megan scooted her perfectly toned ass against my cock. The cloth shorts made it so my dick was perfectly between both cheecks. I scooted closer. I heard her ask Ally for her phone, Ally handed it over. Megan began scrolling through her phone, I wasn’t looking at her phone at all as I’d started watching the movie again. She then reached behind her and tapped ne to get my attention. She handed me her phone and motioned for me to swipe left to continue seeing photos. The first one was her in lingerie, the next had no top, then no bottoms, then a dildo in her pussy, and lastly her sucking that same dildo. My cock hardened with every photo. She could feel me grow. I opened a notepad on her phone and wrote “you’re so fucking sexy” she let out a “hehe”. Ally asked what that was and she said I got a nice text from a sexy guy. I put my phone number in her phone.

Megan said she needed to go to the bathroom. We paused the movie, and Ally and I went outside. Ally came up and said I missed you in the bed. I apologized and said I missed her too. She leaned in and we made out. She could feel my hard cock, and asked why I was so hard. I had to think of something so I said “you’re a really great kisser and that really turns me on”. Just then my phone vibrated, it was Megan. Saying don’t let her see this. So I walked around the corner and opened her next message. It was her fingers soaked with her cum.

We went back and lied down. Megan immediately put her hand behind her and put her hand on cock. Slowly stroking. Up and down up and down again. The movie was finally over. Ally said she really needed to get home because she had class in the morning. They both left. I lit a cigarette (I don’t smoke anymore) and leaned against the house trying to process what just happened. When I was almost done with my smoke, I heard a girl say from around the corner

“did you miss me?”

“Yes, what happened with Ally”

“I told her I was gonna fuck that guy that texted me and he lived nearby”

“So you–”

She cut me off by kissing me and grabbing onto the waistband of my shorts. She slid them down along with my underwear.

“I’ve been waiting all night to taste you” just after she said that she slide my cock in her mouth. Her left hand on the small of my back, her right feeling my chest. She started slow, making eye contact to make sure I was enjoying myself. She moaned, took my cock out and slapped it on her tongue then on her cheeck. She devoured all of my in one try. Then she put both hand on my ass and started to deepthroat me continuously. She sat further down, my cock angled down. I looked down and asked “are you ready” she replied with batting her eyes with my cock still in her mouth and nodding. I grabbed the back of her skul and proceeded to face fuck her relentlessly. I pulled out of her mouth and she let out a huge gasp for air. Drool and spit and pre cum running down her chin and onto her shirt. I grabbed her hair to keep her in place, placed my dick on her face, balls on her lips and I said “you better go get back on that bed right now” she got up and ran to my bed, stripping her clothes off while she went.

She was a lot smaller than me so it was easier to manipulate her into positions than I was used to. She laid on her back first, ass just on the edge of my bed. Legs spread as wide as possible and she holding her feet with her hands. I didn’t even touch her, I just slid my dick and started to thrust slowly. I progressed harder and harder until she couldn’t control herself. I put my hands kn her shoulders and started driving her down every time I’d thrust up. With each clap she’d let out a load moan that was borderline a scream.

Dick still inside of her I put my hand on the inside of her leg and flipped her into doggy. I didn’t build back up at all, I just started fucking her just as hard as before. I put my hands on her hips and held her into place as I thrusted as hard as possible. He knees started to give out so I put her back on her back. I put each hand on the back of her thighs while her legs were in the air. I pushed down on her whole body driving her into the bed, letting go when I would thrust into her. Fucking her hard and deep, she was getting all of me. She was scream moaning and whimpering telling me the 2 times that she came. When it was time for me to cum I asked her where. She said anywhere. I pulled out, grabbed her thighs and slid her down to the floor on her knees. She knew what she needed to do. Tongue out, rubbing pussy, and stroking my cock. She kept saying “cum for me daddy” over and over until I came a thick long rope of cum all over her chest, neck, and face.

She stayed the night and I told her not to wash herself. We lied in bed naked my cum all over her.

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