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[27] Miguel’s son Anthony – Mr. Brooks [M-M-M]

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Okay so this one wasn’t my fault. I really had no say in the matter. Let me explain.
btw if you wanna read the lead to this…it’s in my profile

Miguel and I started to see each other again. 
I was more sober-minded, and a LOT less likely to just fall in love. 
But the truth was…I did love the man. I felt safe with him. And he would often confide to me that he felt similarly. 
We would sometimes make plans to go out and do something fun, but would actually just spend endless hours fucking. Making love, cuddling and confessing. 
Miguel loved the way I would get sexual with him at random times. Sometimes when he was on the phone with his work or family, sometimes when he was watching the game, once when he was covered in grease fixing his car, I would move in on him, and suck his dick. 
He would play like he didn’t like it. But told me once that he loved it when I did that. One time I had finished him off when he was on the phone with his ex-wife Jessica. My respect and reverence for her had improved once I accepted the fact that Miguel and I would never become a couple.
I knew they loved each other and had a bond that would never break. But boy, could they push each other’s buttons. I could feel Miguel’s tension, the hostility rising in his voice…they were discussing Anthony’s plans for college.  I had met Anthony at the 18th birthday celebration Miguel and Jessica threw for him. He was a sweet kid. Nerdy infact. Very unlike Miguel and unlike Junior. 
Anyway, they start arguing about splitting the cost of his books or something. Miguel started speaking in Spanish when I walked in…Now my Spanish is rusty but I can get by…enough to hear Jessica respond in Spanish “why are you speaking in spanish?!…You got somebody there with you” 
“Nah, what are you talking about?” Miguel said, as I kissed him on the back of the neck. I could feel the tension start to melt away. 
“You got one of your bitches over there!” She probed. I reached my hand underneath his wide legged shorts. He was already chubbed and waiting for me. I began to lightly stroke him, which caused his eyes to roll back and he moaned softly. 
I got his shorts down and he was at full massive 8.5 thick inches of steel. He loved when I lightly teased up and down his shaft and nibbled on his foreskin. 
A nervous tremble entered his voice, as he kept the charade going. I went crazy on his dick, being very careful not to make too much noise. 
He also loved when he was getting close to cumming that I grab his plums and give a light but definite squeeze. I could read his body so well. I sensed his cock, while rock hard seemingly expanded just a little more…his balls moved closer to his body…preparing for launch I guess lol.
“I’ll buy the fucking books, whatever you want…Ohhhhhh!!!!!!” His eyes rolled back and he dropped the phone to his side.
I could still hear her “What the fuck is that!” 
Miguel’s mouth dropped open to a silent scream as he pumped my mouth full of his milk. I released his balls.  
“What the fuck is going on!”
Miguel picked the phone back up, gasping and laughing in relief  he said “Mami I gotta go, I’m getting my dick sucked by a bad bitch.” 
He hung up. 
We both started laughing…it was pretty funny. I kept sucking him until I was sure there was no more left to swallow. 
He just laughed “Oh my God you’re nuts.” 
“Thanks” I said.
He pulled me in and kissed me deep, I’m sure he could still taste his own semen on me. Miguel was beaming. 
The doorbell rang, causing him to jump. I checked my phone…Yep, my food delivery driver.
I went to the door and returned with the bags. It was Miguel’s favorite place to eat. So I just kinda ordered…I would have asked him what he wanted but he had been on the phone with Jess for like a solid hour before I started sucking him. So I had just ordered. 
He was happy for the food and looked at me, kind of darkly. 
“It’s so easy with you.” He said. I knew what he meant. But it hurt me to think down that road. That road was not annexed by reality. He would tell me that when he was with me, there were no rules. That he was free to be himself. Not a father, or a son, or a husband, just himself. And he didn’t have to tell me that. He expressed it in the way he would hug me. The way he held onto me in the night. The way he would burrow into my arms in his bed.
“It’s just a honeymoon” I replied”What?” I pulled some plates out of the pantry “I’m your sometimes…Not your all the time. Trust me, you’d get tired of me.” It sounded more bitter than I intended. 
He shook his head slowly, simply “Nah. You’re into me.” 
I laughed “Who isn’t?”
He just looked down. “It’s different.”  He went into the fridge and grabbed a water for me. And a beer for himself. He paused, staring downward, drink in hand “I think about it, you know.”
And while I consider myself to be more of a top…Ioved how Miguel fucked me. His fat dick. His heavy balls. The way his hands would hold me and guide me.
But he had begun to really adjust to my size and after the first hands-free orgasm he achieved, (neither of us knowing it was possible) he wanted to do it more and more. (this is detailed in the podcast but its a lot to write)
That night I remember was particularly hot. Like outside hot, not sexually…but that too. We had a wild fuckfest that left us both sweaty …in that way where when you cum you really feel like you put in a lot of work and accomplished something great. 
We both showered but it was impossible to stay cool in Miguel’s bed …He had become very clingy in the sheets…which I like, but it was too hot to cuddle. Miguel could sleep in a preheated oven. 
I climbed out of his bed and made my way to the living room couch. I was shirtless and wearing nothing but a pair of Miguel’s boxer briefs (I developed a thing for wearing his underwear. Actually it was his idea…it turned him on). They were the cotton kind. and had a pretty open front because the button hole was stretched …so they would always come undone. 
There under the ceiling fan I drifted off…
…I could feel a silky… wet… warm throat, halfway down my shaft…
Further still. 
I slowly rose from sleep to the tongue lightly licking my balls. My shaft fully down the throat. Nobody had EVER gone all the way down on it. Miguel had been practicing…
Down again the mouth plunged, what seemed like an impossible distance. I thought I knew head…this was something else. 
I reached to help guide him. But when I did. I grabbed a handful of curls.
Miguel is bald.
I opened my eyes. And before me, illuminated in the moonlight reflecting off the pool in the backyard. I made out the face of Anthony. He was balls deep on me with his nerdy glasses in hand. 
I was floored. This was not good.
But I could let him finish. Golly I wanted him to finish. 
I was fascinated and confused. It felt SO good.
But I thought about Junior, and now this. 
I stirred as if waking up …Anthony froze.
I began to shift and roll over and I could see Anthony crawl away into the night. 
I layed still and fell back asleep.
The next morning I was awakened by the smell of breakfast cooking and Miguel urgently shaking me.
“Hey! Hey!” His voice a silent whisper. I opened my eyes. “What time did you come out here last night”
…Last night…It was all coming back to me…
“Last night?…Um …Um…Shortly after you and me went to bed”
“Was Anthony in his room”
“Huh?…Oh um …I don’t think so” 
He let out a sigh of relief “Okay cool…Anthony came home last night, he’s in his room now…I don’t think he saw us together.” Miguel gave me a kiss on the forehead and went back to cooking. 
I layed there on the couch…conflicted. 
Finally Miguel called us both to breakfast and we sat and ate. But I could feel the difference in Anthony..also he kept glancing at my crotch. 
I asked him how things were going, about his girlfriend who I met at his birthday party…and who he is still seeing. 
It all felt pretty normal. I was just his dad’s friend. 
When his dad left the room, I had asked him about his college major, knowing he was a polisci student. Knowing he wanted to get into politics. 
I made a joke about politicians needing to have great oral skills… and gave him a knowing look.
He knew he was busted. He pleaded with me.
“Please don’t tell my dad.” He begged…I told him I would not. But I gave him a harsh warning. I told him that you get consent before you do anything like what he did. I told him that his same-sex feelings are okay to have but that consent is always necessary. 
I didn’t tell him how much I enjoyed it. How much I wanted to pull my dick out and have him finish what he started. 
And of course I didn’t tell him about his father.
Thank you again for reading.
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