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19F Anal with a married guy

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When I was 18, I was in love (I thought so, young and not very smart, but also hot) with a guy who was older than me by 15 years. I didn’t know he was married. He was kinda shady though as if he was hiding something. But I didn’t care, I loved him. He wasn’t really into me at first but then he started fucking me.

His dick was huge and the thrill and excitement of being caught, oh my, was the best. I figured that my parents won’t be excited about these glorious fucking adventures and got myself a cover up boyfriend of my age. He would fuck me too. That one had a huge dick too but he didn’t know how to use it.

Getting back to my older guy. He would text me to come (when his wife would be out of town) and I lie to my parents and would get all excited knowing he is going to fuck me in about an hour. He would ask me to strip in front of his door and I would do that (he lived in apartment building). And guess what else his huge dick was good for? Anal. He put me on his table and fucked me in the butt. No one else let him do that, and here he was, a guy with a wife and side chicks, fucking me in my tightest hole.

We both were into LARPING and he definitely fucked me in the forest on his cloak. And it was so fucking good. There wasn’t a hole in my body he hadn’t filled up with his hot cum. Then I learned he is also fucking my friend Sasha (19F). Wife I respect, other side quests I’m not excited about. She and I were both jealous of each other.

There was an event and she was needy, she always played the “I’m sick card”, he got a taxi and went with her. I got pretty jealous but didn’t say anything just flirted via texts. And he answered my booty call! We met in our local park (pretty foresty and dark), found a real nice tree, growing horizontally and he put me there. And oh wow! We had slightly tipsy sex, I told him “Please, fuck me there one more time. Any of my holes is at your service.”

Then I decided I should stop seeing him but during corporate Christmas party at work I got tipsy again, texted him and he invited me to his apartment. Sex was so good and I was so loud that he asked me to be quiet or neighbors would get suspicious. When he stepped away from the room I checked his texts – my friend Sasha who he was also fucking – was texting him some cute shit. While she was romantic I got so much sex out of this relationship. All my other guys were well endowed, but none could fill up my pussy and ass like he could.

Sometimes, I would love to wear nothing but black lingerie and stockings and a trench coat before heading over to his place to get railed 15 minutes later.

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