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18 preyed on and fucked haaard by married older man at work

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i (f) turned 18 in November last year and I’ve been working at my minimum wage retail job for two years. There’s been this guy who works in the construction sector who has been eyeing me for as long as I can remember. He’s got these giant muscles and is tatted up to his neck. Always thought he was super hot but I knew he was too old for me and it’d be weird as colleagues so I never gave it a second thought. I noticed though at work he’d be staring at me just doing my job and suspiciously worked around me all the time, especially when I had to constantly be bent over to pick things up from the floor.

It crossed my mind what he was doing and as much as I was disgusted by the idea of relations with a colleague, the thought of him uncontrollably looking and fantasising about my ass AT WORK was super hot. (I do have a cute ass if I do say so myself). This went on for a couple months until he pulled me aside and asked for my age then my number. He was being quiet and secretive and fucking sexy and his huge body was so close and towered over mine that my heart started beating faster and I was ashamed of what was going through my mind. BUT I told him I thought it’d be inappropriate since we worked together and I went back to work.

Later, I regretted it and slipped him a note with my number on it because god I could not stop thinking about what he could teach me being wiser and older and having more experience. I was drooling at the idea tbh but could not afford to have anyone know. I never thought I’d get myself into something like this.

Long story short we met up for drinks a few times but nothing happened because I kept blue balling him. For fear we were gonna be caught and lose our shitty jobs but also for the fun of knowing the more I led him on the more he wanted me. I’d touch his thighs when he was nervous and drop things to look up to him. I loved feeling in control of this huge tatted older guy LOL. It was insanely hot knowing he probably jerked off to me and the moments we’d had. I found out he was 32.

I later found out he had a wife he barely talked to from other colleagues at work. Believe me I was appalled at this and the fact he never told me. I was angry. I stopped teasing him at work and responding to his messages. He worked in a conjoined warehouse type building to the main retail building and they were connected by a single employees only door. Then he pulled me aside at work again, this time in his warehouse where there were no security cameras that the managers looked at. He asked me why I wasn’t responding to him and he seemed so upset. We don’t really talk to each other on the shop floor because we have no reason to and it’s be suspicious. But you could tell he’d been holding this in for hours. He whispered loudly in a stern voice and again towered the fuck over me. I could feel myself being turned on just from the pure shock of being pulled away from my job and now him whispering in my face in an angry tone. But I had to remind myself why i was angry and that mixed with me being turned out just made me a brat. I think he realised and soenthing came over him because he picked me up and slammed me down on one the large shipment boxes. I freaked out and told him to stop and pushed him off a few times but he knew I liked it.

He pulled my shorts off and started rubbing against my lace underwear with these hot aggressive moans. I was so fucking wet. Literally nothing could have prepared me for this and I couldn’t help moaning and whining to the point he shoved my big muscle hands into my mouth to keep me quiet because our managers could have walked through that flimsy door at any moment. He pulled me up to be sitting on the box and grabbed the back of my head as he pulled my undies aside and took his fat fucking cock out and shoved it inside of me. He told me to be quiet while pushing my forehead towards his and pulling up my shirt with the other hand. He went slowly at first and oh my god it was heaven. With the energy I could muster i whispered I need you daddy over and over again and that sent him off. He told me he’d fuck my tight little pussy as much as he wanted and he didn’t care if he was married. He fucked me harder everytime I let out a whimper and Jesus Christ i was at his full mercy. He was dirty and smelled like petrol and cologne. Every now and then he’d pull out and eat me with all the passion in his huge fucking arms just to laugh as I suffered trying to be quiet, grabbing my waist and tits and holding me down too. His hand took up most of my waist. He kept glancing at the door too and then thrusting faster with the excitement of being caught. It was the best and weirdest and most aggressive sex I’ve ever fucjing had. I haven’t been to work in two weeks. I want to post more details but I’m sleepy and extremely horny now. I miss his dick and his tats and his muscles and the way he manhandled me. Should I text him LOL


  1. A_Guy_With_A_Burner Reply

    Damn I hope you let him cum deep inside you. I’m older and fantasize about fucking an 18 or 19 year old. Everything is just so firm and tight.

  2. Hot, I cannot imagine having you with my face in between your legs

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